Travel and change of place always impact my mind. I wanted to disappear from my mundane surroundings of everyday life and I knew I didn’t need magic, I needed a destination. I chose Maldives. Deep blue ocean, sunshine and white sand gave me the bed that I needed to put my head on. Can sea water be this clear? This was my AHA! moment. To reach the northern island I had to take 25 minutes of sea plane from Male’ airport. A sea plane ride was like a bird taking me on its wings for a flight over the paradise. One of my good friend, who had the passion to dive, told me once that the best way to observe a fish is to become one. I decided to become the fish on the the coral reef bed. This was my first ever experience under water and my heart was pumping 100 times faster than normal, but as usual, I never let my fear come in the way of me exploring something new that I had never done before. Buzzing and colorful life under the sea help overcome my fear and I was swimming in the sea for almost 150 minutes effortlessly with turtles, ‘shoal’, baby sharks, ship wrecks and of course myself. I silenced my mind and let my soul do whatever it wanted to heal it self. Healing is a very simple process, it needs courage and we all have it, all we need to do is dig deep in ourselves and find it. When I came out of the ocean I realized that it was a full swim around the island. Magnificent! This is how I conquer my fears by devoting myself to the idea, make it happen and struggle with it until it disappears. I enjoyed every sunrise and sunset, every day I woke up and said to myself, take me to the beach. This is how travel evolves me and every time I have taken a new journey and spent some money, I have come back richer than before.