I have been trying to make all ends meet and still be unfulfilled; in-spite of many accomplishments in life.  Not being able to travel enough at times, not being able to accept the dinner invitation the other day, not being able to complete the to do list at home, not being able to spend the weekend with my child, not being able to write the blog…..and it goes on. Multitasking and juggling was only creating an imbalance inside me so I decided to drop the ball sometime ago.  I learned that balance isn’t the word I was looking for at all. In fact, the concept of finding that work/life balance doesn’t actually exist. Hear me out, because the search for balance is all over your Instagram and Pinterest feed, but maybe we should be striving for something else instead.

The reality I found is that balance is stationary, and real growth and transformation usually happen on shaky ground. So, if you want to get moving, overcome obstacles, and chase your passions, sometimes it’s necessary to disrupt the balance. There’s a way to find harmony, hustle sustainably, and accomplish what you want while moving with the ebb and flow of life.

Some easy steps I took towards disrupting my balance

  1. Change the paradigm of work/life balance- Imagine you quit/loose your job tomorrow morning (Don’t worry….haha), how would your life be? Do you still have enough to engage you or have you found a purpose where life seems larger than work? Now think that every task of your life is connected, your  family, friends, wellness, travel, including your work. When you look at your life comprehensively, it dilutes the magnitude of individual tasks. This makes you dependent on the choices that you will make to balance life. You find yourself free to NOT be perfect,  free from the fear of loosing your job as you are the one who is making those choices.
  2. Your physical body needs a break sometimes, but if you need a break from work, that means you are doing something you do not really care for. So choose what brings joy.  Rethink your job.
  3. While every job has its highs and lows, it’s important to find a career that gives your life purpose, helps you grow, and makes you feel challenged, yet motivated.
  4. Spend your spare time wisely. Take a class, find a hobby, walk in the nature, work out, do something that is purposeful and works toward your ultimate goal.
  5. I used to receive work emails after midnight, and I felt like I had to respond. This, my friends, is a boundary that should have been set. Draw your own lines, voice them clearly and keep your promises.
  6. Stay curious. It’s a fine line that separates fear from curiosity. Curiosity allows us to stay open to new experiences and a look at ourselves, life and others from a perspective of willingness and at times, wonder.

Balance is unattainable, but harmony, joy, and wellness in your daily life are not. Strive for joy over perfection, strive for harmony over balance, and in the imbalance, you will grow and evolve into the best version of you.

There is no such thing called work life balance, it is all life. The balance has to be within you – Sadhguru