A Quick Stop At Budapest

I was forced to muster up the energy to reach my next destination. Which I did. Albeit in a zombie-like trance

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Travel To Santorini-A Magical Island

I was out in the world, living my life, fulfilling a dream. Nothing can top that feeling.


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A Guide To The Acropolis in Athens

It is hard not to imagine Plato or Socrates walking next to you as you walk along the Parthenon at Acropolis

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Travel-Worthy Spot Of The World

“If the dawn is awakening and daytime illumination, then twilight is transcendence, a final burst of vitality before darkness falls.”

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10 Life Lessons Travel Taught Me

Travel is never a matter of money but courage

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The Magnificent Ruins of Bayon Temple

The temple with many smiling faces

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The Magnificent Ruins of Ta Prohm

A Walk in the ancient temple, half-engulfed by encroaching jungles of Northern Cambodia

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