Happiness:The Spirit Of 2016

The Secret of Happiness is to count your blessings Continue reading “Happiness:The Spirit Of 2016”

Sacred Space For Self-Transformation-Isha Ashram

We have all heard of ‘love at first sight’. Two people come across each other, find common vibes, like the time spent with one another, find reasons to meet again and rest becomes the history. What about ‘Connect at first sight’? Continue reading “Sacred Space For Self-Transformation-Isha Ashram”

Hello Vacation-Life’s Secret Door to Wonder

I happen to read this quote by Steve Jobs while walking in one of the Corridors of an office I visited recently, that read “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?” Continue reading “Hello Vacation-Life’s Secret Door to Wonder”

How to Travel and Blog with a Full Time Job

Having a full time job doesn’t mean you cannot travel and write about it at the same time. Continue reading “How to Travel and Blog with a Full Time Job”

Diversity & Inclusion-To Rise by Lifting Others

Strength lies in differences not similarities – Stephen R Covey

It is interesting how certain words gain prominence in our lives. The word “diversity” is one such word. Ten years ago, it was a different story. But even today, although it has become part of the jargon, not everyone has a common understanding of its meaning. Continue reading “Diversity & Inclusion-To Rise by Lifting Others”

One day at Isha Ashram

“Once you have access to the source of creation within you, your health and well being will naturally be taken care of” Sadhguru

As soon as you come out of the Coimbatore airport (An industrial city located in Tamil Nadu in the Southern part of India) you can hire a taxi to go to the ashram (a secluded place) located 30 kms away. Information about the ashram can be seen everywhere. Continue reading “One day at Isha Ashram”

My Working Mom

Momy with guilt, don’t be hard on you

One of my friend was calling me hysterically on a working day. Assuming its urgent, I returned her call immediately to be greeted with a sniveling voice, emptiness and long pause. On coaxing she broke heavily on the phone. Continue reading “My Working Mom”