Making A Comeback- It ain’t over ’til it’s over

“Success does not lie in ‘results’ but in ‘efforts’, ‘being’ the best is not so important ‘doing’ the best is all that matters”

 Poor gender diversity surprised me right from my hotel school days where I was part of minority, meager two percent of overall class strength, unfortunately the ratio weakened further as we moved through years. Moreover there was very clear demarcation of departments that men and women were believed to run. Things have not changed much even after many years. Continue reading “Making A Comeback- It ain’t over ’til it’s over”

Salt Water Healing-Islands of Maldives

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind

Travel and change of place always impact my mind. I wanted to disappear from my mundane surroundings of everyday life and I knew I didn’t need magic, I needed a destination. I chose Maldives. Continue reading “Salt Water Healing-Islands of Maldives”

Awakening in Bali with the Solemnity of Silence

“Monica, you can do it; you are strong; you can heal yourself.” were the words from her, sitting next to me, who was constantly holding me like a straw to prevent me from drowning. Healing had begun from the moment I heard these words. Continue reading “Awakening in Bali with the Solemnity of Silence”