Kalaripayattu – A Forgotten Heritage of Indian Martial Arts

Did you know that Martial arts of China were bloomed from an ancient Indian martial art and the TRAVEL made it possible for Chinese to take it from India centuries ago? Continue reading “Kalaripayattu – A Forgotten Heritage of Indian Martial Arts”

Pulikali-A Dance Fostering Spirits of Kerala

Pulikali-Literal meaning of Pulikali is the ‘play of the tigers’

India is a land of diversities. Various climatic conditions have made India a diverse country. In all spheres of Indian life diversities are clearly visible. These diversities have made the Indian culture a unique one.

Continue reading “Pulikali-A Dance Fostering Spirits of Kerala”

Bhutan-The Land of Happiness

A place where gross national happiness is more important than gross national product

Money Does not Buy Happiness and the people of this nation know it very well!

Bhutan measures the country’s growth in terms of Gross National Happiness as opposed to the Gross Domestic Product as followed by the rest of the world. Continue reading “Bhutan-The Land of Happiness”

Great Escape To Off The Beaten Path – Gavi

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere

“We love animals, we love forest”, was his parting note with immense happiness and pride.

Bala, the naturalist, born to a Tamilian couple who left Sri Lanka with many other Tamilian families in 1972 when Sri Lanka officially took its name from Ceylon. Bala lives in Gavi with scanty population of just one thousand residents. Continue reading “Great Escape To Off The Beaten Path – Gavi”

One day at Isha Ashram

“Once you have access to the source of creation within you, your health and well being will naturally be taken care of” Sadhguru

As soon as you come out of the Coimbatore airport (An industrial city located in Tamil Nadu in the Southern part of India) you can hire a taxi to go to the ashram (a secluded place) located 30 kms away. Information about the ashram can be seen everywhere. Continue reading “One day at Isha Ashram”

Salt Water Healing-Islands of Maldives

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind

Travel and change of place always impact my mind. I wanted to disappear from my mundane surroundings of everyday life and I knew I didn’t need magic, I needed a destination. I chose Maldives. Continue reading “Salt Water Healing-Islands of Maldives”

The San Francisco Saga

‘San Francisco has only one drawback- it’s hard to leave’

In April 2016 I was invited to attend a leadership workshop in California-Los Angeles. After attending this four days intense workshop I decide to feed the wanderlust in me and explore California all by myself. San Francisco was my first stop on the way to many places that were on my list. Continue reading “The San Francisco Saga”