she is not lost

Not all who wander are lost

Hi, I am Monica

Hi I am Monica, a traveler (mostly solo), mother, hotelier, story-teller  and totally fearless. I am a part time blogger and full time hotelier. Here I share my reflections, journeys, experiences, stories and lessons that I have learnt while conquering my inner fears, driving myself out of comfort zone and let go of what did not serve me anymore. A journey of spending my childhood in my own terrorized land of Punjab, traveling 22 states of India, 40 countries around the world and my passion to work-in for well-being through my yoga way of life. I blog as it gives me the ability to reach people on a real and fundamental level that I can’t do in my everyday life.
Life is a journey, we opened our ticket the day we were born and destination is to die  one day. This thought entices me to enjoy the journey to the fullest, long or short, who knows when will my destination arrive and I have to get down the bus. Hence I want to share the joys, experiences, discoveries, knowledge that I have gathered all these years and will in time to come. My passion is to travel and see the world as much as possible. It is nice to read about places, see photos taken by others and enjoy the creations of almighty. I did it too until I realized it will be different to go there, touch, feel, experience it myself. I was not doing it conciously but I had that urge and itchy feet to keep moving and now that I am aware of what travel does to me, I choose to travel and blog.

Through my write ups I dream of inspiring more women who aspire to get out of their comfort zone,  reach their full potential, conquer their dreams, travel alone, speak up and never get lost.
          “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up”

9 thoughts on “Hi, I am Monica

  1. Love the quote at the end of this post — it’s so true. You are who you appear to be, so let that appearance be an appealing one. Best wishes for great success this year. And thanks for following Oh, the Places We See!

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