The Magnificent Ruins of Ta Prohm

A Walk in the ancient temple, half-engulfed by encroaching jungles of Northern Cambodia

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The Fort Kochi

Fort kochi, a heritage quarter of Kochi city, very different from rest of Kerala.

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The Magnificent Ruins of Angkor Wat

“It is better to go and see than reading about it many times”

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Ten photos that will inspire you to plan a trip to Siem Reap-Cambodia

Cambodia was not on my bucket list for very long. The moment I thought about Cambodia, I booked my trip.

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Happiness:The Spirit Of 2016

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Sacred Space For Self-Transformation-Isha Ashram

We have all heard of ‘love at first sight’. Two people come across each other, find common vibes, like the time spent with one another, find reasons to meet again and rest becomes the history. What about ‘Connect at first sight’? Continue reading “Sacred Space For Self-Transformation-Isha Ashram”

An Abandoned City-Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri -A city that was built and abandoned within a span of 14 years.  An emperor built an impressive city and wrote a new poetry with the stones and one day suddenly abandons it for some inexplicable reason.  Continue reading “An Abandoned City-Fatehpur Sikri”