Travel-Worthy Spot Of The World

“If the dawn is awakening and daytime illumination, then twilight is transcendence, a final burst of vitality before darkness falls.”

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The Fort Kochi

Fort kochi, a heritage quarter of Kochi city, very different from rest of Kerala.

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The Lost And Found City of Muziris

Unearthing Keralas best kept secret in a small town of Pattnam for more than thousands of years

A legendary port that vanished off the spice route grid 3000 years ago was discovered recently in a  little town of Kerala Pattanam, that held this secret of the ancient port for thousands of years. Continue reading “The Lost And Found City of Muziris”

Great Escape To Off The Beaten Path – Gavi

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere

“We love animals, we love forest”, was his parting note with immense happiness and pride.

Bala, the naturalist, born to a Tamilian couple who left Sri Lanka with many other Tamilian families in 1972 when Sri Lanka officially took its name from Ceylon. Bala lives in Gavi with scanty population of just one thousand residents. Continue reading “Great Escape To Off The Beaten Path – Gavi”