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Midnight Taxi Ride


One of my favorite part when I travel on my own is having those “THE” moments. It’s those moments that surprise and stun you. It’s those unexpected moments that leave you in awe and wonder. It’s those moments that make you realize that what you have pushed yourself to do was all worth it. 
The place where I am standing right now gave me THE moment on this trip last night when I wanted to catch the northern lights after having had a faded glimpse from my hotel. I quickly stopped a taxi and asked the driver to drive me on top of the hill. My driver Mustafa from Somalia, living in Norway from past 16 years was not surprised at all. We drove up the hill quickly, he parked the car by a side and turned off the lights to make the sky look darker. That is when I realized I was all by myself in the middle of nowhere, in the dark night, my feet wet (I forgot to wear my snow boots🤒), my hands so cold to change my camera settings that the reality hit me. I was all alone on a remote hill of a small snowy town In the dark night with a stranger. I forgot I was there to see northern lights. I almost froze in fear, rushed inside the taxi and asked Mustafa to drive me back to the town. While I went back to the same hill walking, trekking today I laughed at last nite that how we drift from our path sometimes because of some boxes; though at that moment I accepted it as my inner voice and followed it. Today I am heading to the same hill without Mustafa 😄 in a hope to see northern lights 🏔

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